Natural & Organic Healing: Your Ultimate Guide to Health & Wellness (2019)


Natural & Organic Healing: Your Ultimate Guide to Health & WellnessOur, Founder, Jory Pradjinski is a contributing author in this anthology book which was named #1 International Bestseller and Amazon #1 New Release.


Wherever you're at with your health, you'll find exactly what you are looking for. Learning from 21 co-authors, it's easy to find that one golden nugget you need to begin improving your health and life. 


Facing the Monster while Being Completely Unaccepting

Each person is just an accident or illness away from a life of chronic pain. We go through life thinking nothing bad will happen to us. When it hits us once, it can be devastating. What if it happens again, and again? What if it never ends?


In this chapter you will get a glimpse into my life of unbelievable setbacks. You will wonder when it will all end. Just imagine how I felt experiencing it. You will read about a life of being lost yet never giving up. A life changed in unimaginable ways. From it, I hope you will find appreciation in family and friends who are always there for you.


You will leave with my gift to others living with chronic pain, and those close to them. The possibility to heal.


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