What is Chronic Pain?


Chronic pain is any pain which lasts longer than 6 months. When it comes to chronic pain there is no contest for who has the most pain or has had it the longest. If someone has been dealing with a painful toe problem, it impacts their life. Back pain, being centralized seems to affect a body more. However, even wrist pain can make one's day be long and tiring.


For those who do not have chronic pain, or experienced any severe pain, they can not relate to what we go through every day. Some even make those hurtful statements like:


"You don't look like you have pain"  -  "It's all in your mind, just get over it"  -  "Why are you wasting the doctor's time"  and many others.



For many, chronic pain is usually invisible. We walk and talk like "normal" people. Sometimes we walk slower. Sometimes we need to sit more often. Others, their pain shows. Which is better and which is worse?


Pain never fully goes away, but you can learn how to live better with your pain.