About the founder of Hope Instilled: Jory Pradjinski

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Chronic Pain ResourcesJory Pradjinski has been living with chronic pain since injuring his L5-S1 disc in his lower back in 1987. He tried conservation treatment options which included traction and a body cast, yet they failed to relieve his pain. Back fusion surgery of his L5 vertebra to his sacrum (S1) was needed. The first fusion failed, and the next two surgeries also failed to fuse the L5-S1 level. Having undergone three failed fusions within six years his pain continued to get worse. His mental health was taking more of a toll each year.


In 1996 Jory had two more fusion surgeries within three days; posterior with hardware and an internal bone growth stimulator, then an anterior fusion with a stick of bone harvested from his right hip. Finally, after five total fusions there was a successful fusion. This is all just part of what Jory has been through. Today, Jory lives with over 26 traumas since the original injury which has led to Complex PTSD. Jory continued to have pain that just kept getting worse even after his last fusion.


Jory lost support early on after his second fusion failed in 1993. The repeated surgeries and increasing pain left him feeling isolated and he knew his family and friends couldn't understand. With no support system he retreated into himself and experienced depression, anxiety, ComplexPTSD (C-PTSD), dissociative amnesia and suicidal thoughts. He had a hard time keeping a job and finally had to stop working in 2008 after admitting his pain was too unbearable and his concentration was quite damaged.


In January of 2013, he fell at home and dislodged his L4 vertebra. He was very overweight and on high doses of opioid pain medications. The vertebra went back into place after several months. It was then that Jory began to seek alternative treatments for his pain, and he has have found many which have been very beneficial. His recovery included getting his weight in better control which helped him to eventually get off prescription pain medications. Although, Jory still continues to live with chronic pain, he is able to function better than medically explainable.


Somehow through it all Jory kept having the repeated thought in his head that " this is not the way my life should be". He started to think "I'm here for a reason. I must have experienced all these things for a reason". Hope was the one thing that kept him going, even though there were many times he hung on by a bare thread. Finally, Jory came up with the idea of Hope Instilled to give people the resources and support he was unable to find. To offer peer support which he didn't have. He is now able to talk about all his traumas and surgeries and explain the gift each one is. This allows him to do the work he does today. Jory is now finding ways to touch people's lives around the world.


"Life happens, now what?" We all have a choice to either become bitter or become better. It's understandable to go into a bitter place for a while to process, to grieve what has happened to you. The next step though is to work to become better. Pain may never fully go away for many; however, we can learn to better live with the pain we do have. ~ Jory Pradjinski