Jory's Reiki Experience

Posted by Jory Pradjinski on Tue May 21st, 2019 at 2:18 pm

My health recovery has included numerous alternative treatments, mostly for physical recovery. Reiki was a new direction for me, and my chiropractor recommended a Reiki Master.


Before the appointment I told both my chiropractor and the Reiki Master that they could talk about me, share whatever information which might help with the Reiki session. They didn’t have the chance which turned out to be good.


The Reiki Master knew little about me when I arrived. I proceeded to give the best and shortest condensed version of what I’ve been through. She knew nothing about my non-profit or details about my recovery. As with most treatments I went in with an open mind.


It was easy to drift off to almost being asleep. I just let myself go to the experience. I didn’t really feel much during the session other than deep relaxation. Afterward she was energized by how it went. The first thing she said was that I was a “Way-Shower”, a term I wasn’t familiar with, but is someone who shows others the way. A wayshower is one who embodies qualities they wish others to absorb and learn.


Next she said I had been able to discharge my traumas, put them behind me so that they no longer affected my life. They now were in a backpack I could easily access. They were readily available as I might need them and then I can put them back. These were the main points and very interesting.


Only then did I tell her about my starting my non-profit to help others and why I do my work. Then I told her about overcoming all my traumas and that I now see them in a gleaming white file cabinet, available whenever I might wish to use one of my past experiences. I told her I grew up a mechanic, I’m used to working with tools. I explained that the way she described my traumas in a backpack ready to use, to me meant they were now tools that are available for my use.


It was very helpful to me, cleansing, to have someone see these qualities in me without knowing about me. A validation of my chosen path in life.


It was an amazing experience.


Learn all about Reiki here.


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