Maria's Story of Healing with Myofascial Release Therapy & Mind-Body Connection

Posted on Wed Nov 18th, 2020 at 12:00 pm

By: Maria Socolof, U.S.


I've been dealing with chronic myofascial pain since 2005, but I've experienced remarkable improvement through mind-body healing, particularly myofascial release therapy. In fact, I published my memoir this year—The Invisible Key: Unlocking the Mystery of My Chronic Pain. I also have a website that describes my journey and what I've learned through this process.


When I finally began to understand that I had the power to "let go" of those feelings and the associated muscle tightness, some of my tensed muscles loosened, and my pain greatly diminished. I went from being barely able to stand, sit, or walk for more than fifteen minutes to hiking in Alaska five years after I initially ruptured the disc in my neck.


What type of pain?—Chronic myofascial pain (aka myofascial pain syndrome)

How long have you had it?—15 years

How has it impacted your life?—Significantly (e.g., gave up a 22-year career—see my website or memoir)

What have you learned from it?—Many things! Some important ones: trust your intuition; the doctors often don't know; keep an open mind; and never give up.

What Alternative Treatments have you found success with, if any?—Myofascial Release Therapy developed by John F. Barnes and reading about the mind-body connection (e.g., Dr. John Sarno's book The Mindbody Prescription).


What are some positive ways you cope with your pain, in order to help others who can relate? (Ideas: Support, Managing mental health aspects, Managing pain, Lifestyle changes, Scheduling things, Routines, Hopeful outlooks)—I've slowed my life down. I try to be easier in myself. I rest often. I sadly gave up my career, but I keep my mind engaged by writing (which is also cathartic for me), and now that I'm much improved, I go for daily walks (getting a dog sort of forced that). :) 


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