My Body Has Lupus. But Lupus Does NOT Have Me

Posted by Ruby Woods on Thu May 6th, 2021 at 10:18 am

Hi! I'm Ruby J, and I have been suffering from chronic illness\pain since I was 7 years old. I was always ill as a child, and at age 14 it became life-altering.


After struggling and searching for over 5 years, I was finally diagnosed with Systemic Lupus. Two years on from that and I was diagnosed with Lupus Carditis causing heart failure. Being only 22 years old with so many issues has been hard. But it has also made me a much more compassionate and patient person. I can relate when others talk about their difficulties. I can genuinely say, "I get it."


I will always have these conditions, so coping methods are huge. I have found that if I read, draw, express myself artistically, and above all COMMUNICATE with my family and other support what I need, or what I am feeling, that I manage my pain much better.


Isolation will kill you. Don't shut yourself away, even if that feels like the best way to deal with it. We can still have hope. I always tell people, "My body might have lupus. But lupus does NOT have me."

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