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Here are a few of the treatment options we provide information about. 

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Disabilities refer to physical, sensory, cognitive, or mental impairments that can affect a person's ability to perform everyday activities and participate fully in society. These conditions vary widely in their nature and severity, and they may be present from birth or develop later in life. It does not matter one's skin color, ethnic background, religious thoughts, or sexual identity.

 Since 1 in 4 American adults* live with some form of disability, the disability community is the truest form of inclusion. 

(* source:


Chronic Pain ResourcesChronic Pain ResourcesChronic Pain Resources



Alternative treatments hold significant promise for individuals dealing with chronic pain, offering new avenues of relief and improved quality of life. Chronic pain, often defined as persistent pain lasting for 12 weeks or more, can stem from various underlying conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, nerve damage, or injury. While conventional medical treatments like medication and surgery play a crucial role in pain management, alternative treatments can complement and enhance the overall approach to pain relief.



What we hope you will find at ...A younger man is helping an older man with a computer a resource center for information about chronic pain. This site does not intend to be, nor should it be considered a source for diagnosis of any pain or condition one has. We do not replace a good pain management program or your relationship with your doctor(s).

We do not have all the answers however, we strive to gather the widespread information into one area.

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