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Ongoing pain can be reduced, but, it never fully goes away.22869452_m_002.jpg


How we become able to live with our pain is empowering.


We can learn ways and skills to better manage our pain and strive to live a better life.


What is a "better life" when living with pain?


This differs so much person to person. It might mean feeling comfortable going out in public, spending time with family and friends. Perhaps it's to say no to an activity

or opening without feeling guilty. For many it's being better able to get through the day.


It is all about learning ways to live with pain instead of the pain controlling our lives. Learning how foods and diet affect

our pain and inflammation. Learning about alternative treatment options. Talking with others who live with chronic pain

in a non-judgemental setting to vent, ask questions, give support to others. 


You are not alone. Peer-to-peer support makes a difference.


"As we learn to better live with our pain it may seem like just a pebble being dropped in a pond. However, that

pebble creates a ripple effect across the water. Each step we take in learning to better live with our pain will

create that same ripple effect throughout our mind and body."


What determines Chronic Pain





Looking for alternatives to drugs?



Chronic Pain Resources

What we hope you will find at HopeInstilled.org ...

...is a resource center for information about chronic pain. This site does not intend to be, nor should it be considered a source for diagnosis of any pain or condition one has. We do not replace a good pain management program or your relationship with your doctor(s).


We do not have all the answers, but strive to gather the wide spread information in one area.


Addition information will continuously be added. If there are topics you would like covered or answered, please use our contact page.

"Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is yet to come.  However, today is right here, ready for what you will make of it. 

By making today the best you can you are creating a building block for your tomorrows.  

And in doing so you will leave behind something to be proud of."


Jory Pradjinski

Chronic Pain Resources


Chronic Pain can devastate lives, break up familes and friendships. You may begin feeling

isolated because others don't understand what you're going through. It does not need to be

this way. Our support forums are safe , non-judgemental places to talk peer-to-peer with others 

living with chronic pain. We also offer a forum for family and friends of someone living with

chronic pain because they too need support. 


Together we are stronger.


If you're interested in learning more, click to find a support group...

5 Truths About Chronic Pain...

Truth 1...


The pain is unseen but very real.



Chronic Pain Resources

Truth 2

Chronic pain triggers other health problems.


Chronic Pain Resources

Truth 3


Chronic pain is unpredictable.



Chronic Pain Resources

Truth 4


Chronic pain serves no purpose.



Chronic Pain Resources

Truth 5


Chronic pain is isolating.



Chronic Pain Resources