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Let it not snow! The cold weather has been bitter here in Wisconsin. We have been hit with many snow storms, and one day of -50 with the wind chill. We hope if you are experiencing the same weather or worse, you find some warmth and stay positive.
This month we are featuring another blog on Wellness! Last month, we talked about Society’s Flawed View on Wellness (which make people sick, or keeps them sick). This month, we have a blog on how to Obtain Wellness: The Most Important Healthy Choices to Pay Attention to.

We have also updated our content on Massage Therapy to provide you with an in-depth look at how it may help with various chronic pain conditions.

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Discovering Alternative Treatments:
Massage Therapy for Chronic Pain

From: Hope Instilled

Chronic Pain ResourcesQuick Guide to Massage Therapy 

  • Massage is not just for relaxing tight muscles. It is becoming more and more popular as an effective treatment for medical conditions both directly and in conjunction with other treatments.
  • There are many different types of massage, but typically they all fall into one of two categories: rehabilitation and relaxation massage.
  • Learn about 12 types of massage that may help with chronic pain. 

What are the Benefits of Massage for Chronic Pain?

Massage therapy can help with relaxation for both the mind and the body. Reasons for massage therapy may include relaxing muscles, lowering stress and anxiety levels, reducing pain, rehabilitating after an injury, or simply improving overall health and wellness.

Learn more about different types of massage, health conditions it might help, benefits, safety, history, and how to find a massage therapist on our website.

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Exploring Wellness: Obtaining Wellness: The Most Important Healthy Choices to Pay Attention To

By: Jena Ann

Chronic Pain ResourcesAre you living a wellness lifestyle?
I read wellness articles ALL the time. Therefore, I can tell you there is a ton of information out there on the different things you should be doing to achieve wellness. It is almost overwhelming, you can’t follow all the wellness advice out there, because literally wellness will become your life.

So instead, I’ve provided categories of what I see as the most important areas of wellness. This is based on what I’ve learned from my life experience, and reading hundreds and hundreds of articles. 

The 9 Most Important Healthy Choices
“Black and white are the colors of photography.
To me they symbolize the alternatives of hope and despair to which mankind is forever subjected."
- Robert Frank

End Chronic Pain Suffering!

We are growing our mission and looking for funding! 

Increasing Resources
Donate to help us provide even more alternative treatment information, nutritional and exercise information, recommended service providers, information on the latest and greatest breakthroughs in pain-related treatment, and more through Hope Instilled.

In-Person and Online Support Groups
We will also be launching Hope Against Pain action-based support groups designed specifically to address pain across the U.S. Each member is taken along a path to improvement as led by another Hope Against Pain “guide.” There are 10 actionable stages to go through to improve suffering. The path has been designed to follow the actual one taken by the group’s founder, Jory Pradjinski. 

Finding HOPE 

Note: At Hope Instilled we don't judge anyone for using medications, we just think this is a very inspiring story about what is possible.

Fifteen Years and Still Managing Without Meds…Fibromyalgia and Medication

From: So Is Fibromyalgia Real? What I Know is Real - Blog 

I’ve managed to achieve and sustain a level of symptoms that I am fine living with, basically through healthy living and lifestyle choices…and still to this day…without medications.  AND…I have steadily, gradually improved over the years…AND I continue to improve.

Read Full Story
“Few things in the world are more powerful than a positive push.
A smile. A world of optimism and hope.
A 'you can do it' when things are tough. - Richard M. DeVos
DIY Natural Remedy: Oregano Oil 

Oregano oil is made from the leaves and shoots of the oregano plant. Oregano oil has been used since ancient times by the Greeks and Romans for medicinal purposes. 

  • Antibiotic (Natural): effective against types of bacteria that can become resistant to antibiotics.
  • Antioxidant: helping protect against diseases and cancer
  • Cancer fighting 
  • Cholesterol levels lowered
  • Gut health improvements
  • Pain relief: Equivalent to painkillers fenoprofen and morphine.
  • Inflammation reduced: 
  • Weight loss
  • Yeast Infections

    Chronic Pain Resources
    It has powerful antioxidant properties! Oregano supposedly contains 3–30 times the levels of antioxidants in other herbs studied, such as thyme, marjoram and St. John's wort.


    1. Take as capsules 

    2. Apply to skin or under tongue: dilute with olive oil 

    3. Use as an essential oil: add drops to water   

    4. Drink as a tea 

    Be sure to read about supplement risks and how to find quality supplements on our website before trying anything new.

    Other News

    Most cancer is caused by processed food and toxic ingredients, new study confirms

    Majority of Supermarket Meats Are Still Riddled With Superbugs
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    Chronic Pain Resources
    Chronic Pain Resources
    Chronic Pain Resources
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